Dump truck haulage – Dumper haulage may be ordered as a service or in combination with the sales of material. Our machinery in operation includes 2 trucks and 2 semi-trailers with a load capacity of 15 to 30 tons. This guarantees that no load will ever be left behind.

In addition, our machinery consists of dumpers with central articulation, designed for large-scale quarry works – Volvo A25C and Volvo A25D.
These machines may also be rented – look for details on rental here!

In order to get a price quote for dumper haulage or to place an order for a service, contact us by using our quote request form or call us at +372 555 38 742.

Timber transport–  We perform haulage of forest materials all over Estonia. The price for the work depends on the volume, the locations of loading and unloading and the distance between them. Thanks to high quality work equipment and our skilled drivers, even more complicated loading procedures will be performed. Our work is done quickly and properly!

In order to get a price quote or to order a service, contact us by using our quote request form.


Multi-lift service–  We also offer multi-lift service, which makes us a reliable partner to you, in case you require help for the removal of construction waste or for the gathering and removal of other materials. Regarding the containers to be used on the multi-lift, we offer different sizes – the smaller container allows for a volume of up to 10m3 and the larger one for up to 30m3.

The container may be rented, in case that the gathering of the material on site requires more time.

In order to get an offer for one-time removal or for container rental, contact us by using the quote request form.


Marki Transport OÜ has already been in business since 2006. Thanks to the experience and the skills which we have been able to gather over the years, we are capable of providing high quality service and fast performance.